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Mission Statement [Jan. 1st, 2010|02:23 am]
This blog is designed for commentary, parody and criticism. If it's not entertaining enough for you, try going here and least you'll learn something.

xenuwasframed.org [Apr. 20th, 2006|03:11 pm]
A true counter-revolution to $cientology is afoot. You must check out:

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Scientology (http://www.xenu.net) - The jig is up [Apr. 11th, 2006|04:00 pm]
The jig is up on this obscenity. And make no mistake, Scientology itself is nothing less than a goddamn obscenity. It is absolutely obscene. It doesn’t mean anything. Absolutely nothing in it is true. The entire thing, every little molecule of every little part of it is built off lies. All it’s splinter groups: NarCONon, Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, HealthMed, every little facet of this beast is complete bullshit.

The jig is up. That good people haven’t already risen up and torn this motherfucker down with their bare hands is a miracle. Scientology is an absolute abomination. The most hateable thing that there ever was. Never in human history has any organization been so built off of so much lying and complete utter hogwash. Scientology is pure crap. Utterly and complete detestable crap.

Finally finally finally the public at large is really catching on. So that John Q. Public who is not a Scientologist, no longer considers it to be some mysterious, but chic scientific philosophy for the rich and famous. But John Q. Public himself now thinks, more and more, that Scientology is a bizarre, nutty sci-fi cult based an completely asinine beliefs. John Q. Public is now, more and more, beginning to think of John Q. Scientologist not as mysterious and in possession of something mystiqueful, but as the absolute downright dork that he is. A complete dork. A complete motherfucking dork. Dork through and through to the core.

And when this happens, goodbye anonymous slaves that Scientology relies on. Cruise and Travolta are just front-monkeys. Scientology can’t exist on front-monkeys alone. It must have anonymous slaves. Which it did have when the public thought it was chic. But now that the public is realizing what dorks Scientologists are, the allure of Scientology will fade. People don’t mind being slaves if they’re at least considered chic and mysterious. Nobody wants to be a dork.

And thus history’s most bizarre, demented and thoroughly fucked up piece of shit cult will now fade from the scenes. Good fucking riddance to it, and may it burn with L. Ron in hell.
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Just plain common sense [Apr. 1st, 2006|02:12 pm]
Here’s another piece of common sense nobody can seem to get an answer to – If advancing up Scientology levels gives a person “super powers” and if OT VII’s and up are able to step out of their bodies at will, control matter with their mind etc, why do they get old and sick, need to wear glasses, suffer from divorces, disease and death every bit a much as everybody else?

Afterall, Christianity, for the moment is really off the hook with regard to these questions isn’t it? Not that it doesn’t make great and grand promises, but the promises pertain to the NEXT life. Scientology is in substantial part about “wins” in THIS life. And since Scientology is supposed to be man’s only hope, then why did L. Ron “purposefully decide to step out of his body and go to the next level” at just 74? Since it’s all-important that we be "saved" by Scientology, why didn’t he hang around to 104 and still be out there today demonstrating all his “gains”?

Well we know why, because there were no gains. Just a fat, bloated, addicted, mentally deranged old man holed up on a boat with adolescent boys until his system couldn’t take any more chain smoking, drug and alcohol abuse and had a stroke at the age of 74.
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The Hollywood bill on Scientology is coming due [Mar. 28th, 2006|02:12 pm]
Hollywood will soon have some explaining to do. The public is catching on now to what Scientology actually is, not what Scientology WANTED the public to think it is. Most people had thought it was some sort of scientifically based philosophy of some sort, some chic, mysterious religion for Hollywood types. But lately (and with most grateful thanks to South Park) people’s jaws have been dropping to the floor trying to comprehend just how nutty, stunningly bizarre, even dangerous this totalitarian sci-fi cult actually is.

But Hollywood has been eating this batshit cult up for 30 years. These batshit idiots by the truckload have signed the Scientology “billion year spiritual contract.” And now the public is catching on to just how batshit they are. What will they do? Where will they run? Even their batshit profit L. Ron won’t be able to save them now.
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Be careful to only use an official $4,500 Church of Scientology E-Meter when you do your auditing [Mar. 24th, 2006|04:40 pm]
If not it could get seriously bothced and you'll wind up going mad .. you could even end up some strange freak who believes in all kinds of idiocy like "clearing" away dead space alien ghosts (body thetans) to obtain an enlightened state of freedom from all bodily limitations as you climb up the "OT" scales and thus defeat the evil Lord Xenu’s designs … oh wait .. never mind.
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Parallels (or reverse parallels) between South Park’s “Super Adventure Club” and Scientology [Mar. 23rd, 2006|11:32 am]
They are numerous. I’ll try and do my best to summarize the ones I can think of, in no particular order:

1) Almost all Scientologist tend to be young. By the time they get older they notice that the “super powers” they were supposed to have obtained by advancing up the Scientology “bridge” just aren’t materializing, and sooner or later they realize it's a scam and thus bolt. South Park did a reverse parallel by making most of the members of “Super Adventure Club” old.

2) The head dude in Super Adventure Club pulled out this obscenely ridiculous piece of technology that he thought was just this amazingly powerful device – a spinning spiral that was supposed to cause hypnosis. A silly device that they think actually works – hello E-Meter.

3) SAC’s founder kept trying to climb mountains and be a great explorer but found that everywhere he went, someone else had already been there. This is like L. Ron's so-called spiritual discoveries. Much of his “Operating Thetan” malarkey can be traced to “life readings” done by psychic Edgar Cayce in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and all of his other material is plundered from a number of sources i.e. Freud, Buddhism etc.

4) SAC’s founder was completely batshit and came up with this blitheringly stupid nonsense that his followers actually think is the greatest thing since sliced bread, when in fact it’s so embarrassingly stupid.

5) So often Scientologists, when confronted with their E-Meter, auditing, body thetan Xenu nonsense say “Yeah but is this any stupider than the Son of God supposedly coming down to Earth and getting crucified for our sins?” And you think to yourself “Uhhh yeah .. it’s way stupider.” Stan had such a conversation with the leader of SAC.

6) Like SAC members, Scientology is ultimately at odds with normal living, and members end up having to chose between the cult and normal society.

7) Chef fails to successfully cross the bridge. Scientology has this bunk, more brain diarrhea from L. Ron Hubbard called “The Bridge to Total Freedom.” Supposedly as one progresses up the expensive Scientology levels one will experience total freedom from all difficulties and have super mental powers, including the power to manipulate physical surroundings with the mind. This power is supposed to be due to the fact that you’re “clear” of all “body thetans” (dead space alien ghosts that go back to the Xenu Incident of 75 million years ago). In Scientology the whole bridge symbolism is important. TomKat supposedly walked across a bridge after saying their vows as a symbol of unity with Scientology. Like I said, more L. Ron brain diarrhea that some Scientologists spend decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars chasing after. Many critics call this so-called bridge to enlightenment “The Bridge to Nowhere.” Chef met his end trying to cross a bridge. A bridge to nowhere.

8) Note the absurd idiocy of the “secret” SAC’s DEAD founding father discovered - having sex with little children makes a person immortal. If it makes him immortal, why is he dead? This parallels that L. Ron died at the age of 74, a fat bloated, pill addicted alcoholic, and yet he was the father of a belief system that asserted that increasing up the Scientology “bridge” give one complete control over one’s mental and physical condition. BTW, the LA County Coroner reported that L. Ron had the psychoactive drug Visiril in his system when he died.

9) Remember how Stan easily confused the Super Adventure Club with the benign group Adventure Club that goes hiking? Scientology is often confused with Christian Science, a relatively benign belief in scientific prayer. If fact, most people assume that Scientology is some kind of science based minor philosophy, and are very surprised to find out that it’s actually boatloads of bizarre nonsense about thetans, Xenu, E-meters, engrams etc.

10) When Stan told the head SAC guy that they wouldn’t leave without Chef, the SAC guy said something like ‘OK then, if you don’t leave voluntarily I will’ .. ominous music … ‘Call security!’ Then he goes on to laugh maniacally at how funny it will be when they get escorted out and how embarrassing it will be for them when everybody sees them being escorted out.

This is really going after the jugular on just how toothless Scientology really is. When organizations establish ruthless tactics early, sometimes this reputation can last decades. Even long after the organization has lost any real punch. And such is the case with Scientology. So many people these days are waiting to catch them in a “black ops” it makes it difficult for them to really conduct them they way they used to. And so many people are exposing them, criticizing and satirizing them of late, it would be impossible to sue them all.

Fact is, there is such a reservoir of bad will that Scientology has built up that the chickens are starting to come home to roost. Criticism now can be loud, decisive and go right to the heart of exposing Scientology’s idiocy, and they can do little now but reap what they have truly sewn.
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So tell me O free-thinking one not duped by religion [Jan. 5th, 2006|12:51 am]
You’re unencumbered by the oppressions of religion. Be they established religions or new-age, all were created for people who can’t think for themselves. But not you, you CAN think for yourself. You are a free thinker.

I hope you can help me. I have some very simple questions (or should at the very least be simpler for you than they are for me, given that you're free and I'm boxed in by religious superstition):

1) My mom is dead, will I see her again?
2) Is death it, or is there more? If so, what is that more?
3) Am I here by chance or by purpose?

Not being snotty here. Just that you’re a free thinker and I’m encumbered by my religion. I want to know if your free-thinking has paid any dividends. I want to know if you’re doing any better on these big questions than we are. Athiests blather until they're blue in the face, but for the 3 simple questions above, they're stumped. And always will be.
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Why, in my view, Tom Cruise is such a big disappointment [Jan. 4th, 2006|11:04 pm]
There I was up on the silver screen. OK not literally, but in my mind at that time I identified with it. Snatching little moments of rule breaking for rule breaking’s sake. Though I didn’t look as good as Tom Cruise while doing it. And my mayhem always included cigarettes and depression and wasn’t made for the camera.

So Tom Cruise and his “Risky Business” gave me a fun and identifiable way to vicariously see my own youthful longings through his character Joel. And I particularly enjoyed how Joel started out as someone I thought I could know or maybe even be, but was careened out of control by events of his own making and other tides he let sweep him away. A boy going down a road of adventure, danger, excitement and sex that I could only dream of. And from then on Tom Cruise was burned into my brain as being the suburban boy who stuck his thumb in the eye of suburban conformity. Someone too cool to rake one more leaf than he had too.

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Why should we believe the Christian Gospels... [Dec. 19th, 2005|01:06 am]
1. Why should we believe the Christian Gospels when they were written hundreds of years after Jesus lived, and there were so many different versions and translations of them that we can’t trust the integrity of what has survived? And from what I hear, the texts we have now represent only a select few that the Catholic Church decided were safe to include. I believe what is commonly said; the Catholic Church excluded important material that it was afraid of, and in any case the Gospels were written in an era far removed from the original Apostles themselves.

No. Don’t believe these often repeated lies and half-truths blown up to sound sinister when the reality is actually quite benign. It’s simply a historical fact that the Gospel of Mark was eluded to by authors of other works as early as A.D 80. So at a very minimum this Gospel must have been written on or before A.D 80, and quite possibly within Mark’s own lifetime, whether he actually penned it personally or not. Remember, and this is key to understanding how Christianity got off the ground - The first Apostles were preachers of the Good News and teachers of faith, not historians in any kind of secular sense. And it wasn’t until Jesus had already passed from the scene until it became completely clear to them who he really was and what it was that he expected from them. And a this did not exactly happen in the era of video tape, nor was it a message spread about the Internet. That fact that these individuals would find themselves scattered across the Roman Empire as they eventually became, and from their outcast condition emerge at all with relatively close accounts of Jesus and his ministry, all the while being chased down by Roman and Jewish authorities, is in itself noting less than miraculous. And yes, it is true that within a couple of centuries there were various gospel accounts flying all over the place. But my faith in Christ, my Responsibility in Christ, is not diminished by the fact that numerous people tried to tell his story. Despite the fact that sometimes this story was told by different sources in conflicting ways, across a large time period and with varying degrees of authenticity. I’m only glad they cared enough to try at all. Thank God someone told it, warts and all.

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